Friday, February 16, 2007

Digging Out

I finally had to re-enter the world this morning! Youcef and I spent over an hour shoveling out on Wednesday. Next time we won't wait until it's over to start shoveling. It is much easier to do it as you go. The official snow total was 16"!!

School was delayed both Thursday and today due to below zero temperatues and the fact that so many sidewalks aren't clear. The delays allowed the older kids to wait for busses in daylight. It will be hard to readjust Tuesday morning after having seven days of not having to get up to the alarm. Thankfully, it is supposed to be slightly warmer on Tuesday. Of course, they are also predicting rain which will create it's own kind of mess with all of this snow still on the ground.

Both kids had their Valentine parties today and had lots of fun reading all of the cards. And fighting over the candy :))

I've been digging around on the web looking for inspiration for craft projects and decorating. It is amazing how much is out there. It can all be a bit overwhelming, however.

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