Thursday, February 22, 2007

Never satisfied

O.K. just eight days ago I was ready and waiting for the big snowstorm. In my never quite satisfied way I'm now ready for Spring! There was another weather cancellation for school yesterday, but just for Amin. It was very foggy and they decided it would not be safe for the kids to wait for the bus, especially given that so many sidewalks are still snow covered. Now...I think this was a wise decision, I just wish they would have made it before 8:30!! The crazy part was that Leila still had school so there I was driving in pea soup on roads covered in ice patches. The whole while thinking "why am I doing this?" I should really learn to heed that inner voice. The ice patches were the result of the 20" of snow melting off. Atleast we didn't get the predicted rain this week. In fact, we may get more snow Sunday night.

Last night was Healthy Lifestyles. There was a member there that I had met only once before. She is a very interesting person. She is very honest in her disdain for the computer. Her premise is that it robs people of psychic energy. She may be on to something...

Youcef booked his tickets for Algeria yesterday. I'll be a little apprehensive while he is gone as they have had some car bombings in recent weeks. As part of his trip he's spending three nights in Paris on his return. Wish I could figure out a way to meet him there for just that part of the trip!!

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