Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reviewing Journals

I've been spending time over the past few days reviewing my daily and quote journals as well as looking through some of the articles and editorials I've saved over the years. In starting this blog I realized that, in a way, what I list as favorites and choose to write about defines me in some way. This has left me feeling disjointed, if that makes any sense. I wish I could say that I feel more "jointed" today, but really I'm not sure I do. Looking back through some of these things definitely helped me recommit to the things I care deeply about. Recycling, limiting media exposure for the kids, keeping our lives as chemical-free as possible, local buying etc.

I also struggled with guilt today over skipping the Mothers & More family social. After being cooped up all week with the kids last week I simply needed some time home alone. Youcef planned on taking them to the Y to swim, which would give me the time I needed. I took him up on it! I feel much better after having three hours free of "doing" and "mediating". I was able to read a good bit of "Anne's House of Dreams" and simply sit gazing out the window with the only background noise being the ticking clock.

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