Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The World is White

Wow! We have about 12" of snow on the ground and more coming. School was cancelled for both kids today (will be tomorrow, as well) so we were able to spend a nice quite day in. They would have liked to go out and play a bit, but it kept alternating between sleet and a pelting snow so I kept them in. Tomorrow hopefully they will be able to go out for a bit. DH made it in to work, and made it home o.k. until he got to the unshoveled driveway!

I went through all of my "waiting to be framed" bits and pieces today and got several things in frames and hung. Started putting together a canvas collage that I will hang in the dining room when it is done. I've been so inspired by all the beautiful pictues on the blogs I've been visiting. I feel like I need to invest in a digital camera to put up some pics of my own. Although, I don't feel nearly as creative as most of the work I've seen.
The kids finished all of their Valentine's this afternoon, and had fun picking out just the right one for just the right person. They are both a little sad to be missing Valentine's at school tomorrow. Hopefully parties will be rescheduled for Friday. But with missing two days of school I doubt it.
I found the following quote on another blog and just loved it: "...a suburban home with a cottage heart."

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