Thursday, March 8, 2007

I love blogging!

I just had to say that I love the blog community. I had posted the other day about the back issues of ME Home Companion I was missing not in a million years thinking someone would actually offer them to me. But someone did!! Melissa at The Mother's Hour graciously offered to mail me both of the issues I was missing. I'm just overwhelmed that someone would be so gracious. Thanks again Melissa.

The note from Melissa was definitely the highlight of my day. I spent the morning working with the PTO at ODC's school on the nominating committee for next year's executive board. Yowza!! I had absolutely no idea the PTO could be so political. It felt like I was back in high school what with all the behind the back talk and revealing of other people's secrets. I've definitely decided that I will stay away from taking on bigger roles. I'll put in my time in the kids classrooms and maybe the library and be done with it. I have enough drama without borrowing someone else's!!


Jen said...

You lucky, lucky girl! How sweet is that?

I've not been involved with the PTO here yet but I very much enjoy volunteering in the classroom and the library.

Marianna said...

I am very lucky!!

I love being in the classroom, and my son things it is the most wonderful thing in the world!! I've not volunteered in the library yet, but I think I will enjoy it.


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