Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lucky Find

I got lucky at Half-Price Books this a.m. I found Dining Rooms and Kids Rooms. I love the visuals in these books. I'm going to hit the mall location on Friday morning and see if maybe they have Storage and Display. Last time I was there I found all but one issue of Mary Jane's Farm. That was a cool find! And Saturday is the libraries second-hand sale. Who know what treasures await there...Hopefully, I get to do that instead of play chauffer to 7 and 5yo basketball players! It all depends on DH's schedule, though. The kids and I will still go (they love the sale as much as I do), but it is much easier to go alone since there are tons of people crammed into a really small space.

The last two times I've been there have been people using cell phones to scan barcodes (atleast that's what I think they are doing). If one "registers" they grab the book. They get many of the best titles, and I'm sure they are working for book sellers or possibly ebay shops. It is a little aggravating because it makes it that much more difficult for the average person to find those little treasures. The place is literally swarming with them. Honestly, I hope that the library will ban them from the sale. Hardback books are only $2.00, and paper backs as low as .50 so I understand the temptation to take advantage of that as a bookseller, but I do wonder if the average person doesn't lose out somehow. Many of the regulars at these sales are the elderly and teachers. People for whom having access to the best they can get at such fantastic prices is a huge financial help. Off that soapbox!

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