Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Magazines, one of two vices

I jokingly claim to only have two vices. One is chocolate and the other is magazines. I just clicked over to Vintage Pretties where Kim is talking about her favorite mags. That spurred me to think about some of mine. I have all but two issues of ME Home Companion (anyone have an extra copy of Feb. 97 and Feb. 98??) I didn't think so...They are all stored very neatly in wooden magazine file boxes from Ikea. I get them all out once or twice a year, usually as the seasons change, and comb through them for ideas. I see something different every time. A fairly new magazine that I have kept every copy of is Cottage Living. Others that I subscribe to include Southern Living, Real Simple, Living, Midwest Living and Country. Lots of living in those titles! My addiction is limited to shelter mags. Like Kim, I too, subscribed to magazines as a teen. In fact, one of my best Christmas gifts ever was a subscription to Texas Homes (when it was still in publication) from my grandparents.

As a companion to magazines I'm also addicted to home decor catalogs. I don't really order much, but I love scanning them for ideas. One of my favorites is Ballard's. I'll even admit to liking Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrell!! And because PB is soooo country I combine my fantasy PB purchases with tchotchkes from Gooseberry Patch.


melissa said...

You're so funny. I'll actually look to see if I have either/both of those issues. I'm not smitten on Home Companion like I am the old Victorias, so would gladly hand 'em over to you! :) Will get back to you after I've gone through my STACKS!!!

Marianna said...

You would make me sooooo happy! Thank you.

melissa said...

I'm ahuntin' :) Last night I was able to only find 2000 issues of February ones. I had pulled out most of my Valentine magazines to look at, since I re-read them all the time.

Am I right in thinking the Feb. 1997 would've been about the first issue out? I know I bought them then, and since they just had their 10th anniversary with the current Valentine's issue, surely I'm on the right track.

Never fear. Still looking for you, and if I find one or both, they'll have your name on them!

melissa said...
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