Monday, March 19, 2007


This morning started out with the decision to take my sweet little girl to the dr. She has been coughing for a little over a week now. It was mostly at night, but yesterday it seemed to get worse. I was hesitant to take her in because she was acting fine. In the end I'm glad I did as she does have some bronchitis. I know it's a little weird, but I feel like I should only take my kids if they are visibly sick. I don't know where this comes from. Most of the time I simply try to trust my mother's it worked.

On a more positive note. Afore mentioned little girl is READING! On a lark I handed her a book last week and asked her to read one line. She did. Then today she read two books-a Biscuit and a Margaret Hillert reader. I'm simply amazed. She's 5.5 so it's not as if she's a genius. It's just that reading has not come so easy for my son so I wasn't expecting it for her. Thankfully, with much work ODC has been having an easier time of it as well. In fact, he read for his entire class today. His book of choice was "Biscuit Visits the Big City." I'm proud of him for having the courage to get up and do it.

And another highlight of my day was receiving my ME Home Comapinons from Melissa at The Mother's Hour!! They were actually here on Saturday, but the kids got the mail for me that day and left them in the box so I didn't find them until I went to put a bill in outgoing mail this AM. Pretty good trade as far as I'm concerned! I now have a complete set of Home Companions. As soon as I log off here I'm going to go and enjoy them.

I'm getting very anxious for our trip to Texas coming up soon. It will be so nice to be somewhere were there are flowers and green!!!!! Then hopefully, by the time we get back home we will have flowers here as well. We will be starting our visit in Houston seeing my Grandmother who is in a nursing home. She recently underwent surgery. It has been two years since I saw her last, and I'm feeling some urgency to see her again. We will stay with some friends of my husband while we are there. Then it is on to San Antonio to see his brother and family. Then we will spend the better part of Tuesday in Austin--can't wait! I'm trying to convince my dh that we need to visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, but we'll see. From Austin we will go to my parents house. By that time we will all be ready for three days out of the car!! We will also be seeing my NeeNee and Grandaddy as they live in the same little town as my mom and dad. I'm looking forward to doing some junk store shopping with my mom. Although, she doesn't have as much patience for it as I do so I don't get to get in every little nook and cranny!


DivaDeb said...

Oh Marianna, it sounds like a lovely trip you have planned! I hope you enjoy every minute...Texas IS gorgeous this time of year! And if you find yourself needing a massage while you are in San Antonio or Austin, check out my daughter's website at She's AWESOME!

Jen said...

Have fun on your trip. We are going to NC in 8 days (I have a countdown on my google home page) and I'm also looking forward to the green and flowers and hoping we are closer to spring here when we get home too!

That's great that your daughter is reading. Doesn't it seem like a miracle? Emma is so excited to be reading that she actually chooses it over watching tv, not that she watches much tv anyway, but still! I hope they never lose their love of it.

Karin said...

The bluebonnets are beautiful this year! They're everywhere. I'm looking at some now just outside my window. Have a great trip!

Marianna said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to get down there!! Thanks Karin for the visual. I can just see the fields covered in those spiky blue flowers. And Deb, we won't have time, unfortunately, for a massage. We will only be in Austin for about 6 hours. But I will pass her name on to my brother!!


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