Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Magazine/New Venture

I bought Nature's Garden, the newest BH&G publication, yesterday. I was thrilled to open it and find a feature on a native Indiana garden that is literally just down the road! I am determined that this year I will take out some of the builder standard landscaping and put in natives. I'm dreaming of Black Eyed Susans and Coneflower and Butterfly Bush. Eventually, and I mean years from now, I would like to have the backyard be a meadow. The HOA might not be too thrilled, but if I keep the edges under control they may not even know! Luckily we back up to a wooded area. There is one short street behind us with about 9 houses sitting on .5-1 acre lots. Most of these houses have very natural landscaping so I don't think those neighbors would complain!

So for this year I'm going to start by planting a native tree on Earth Day...I will need to do some research on what would be best. I'm going to plant Coneflower and Black Eyed Susan's around the mailbox, and if I'm feeling real adventorous I will pull out the back row of shrubs in the front beds and plant some Butterfly Bush. Then in the back I'm going to do a small island garden with Sunflowers (for the kids) and atleast two other natives. More research...

It would be great to just do it all at once, but my husband would never agree to that much expense at one time. Besides since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing I figure I better start small!

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