Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nice Lazy Day

It has been such a slow-paced, calm day today. I really needed this little breather. Our soccer whirlwind will start up again tomorrow evening. Thankfully, we only have two games this weekend--one for each child. I was very disappointed when I realized my 7yo would be playing 10 total games, making for four weekends with games on both Saturday and Sunday. Personally, I think three hours a week of soccer is a bit much at that age. We will probably go back to the Y if he wants to play in the Fall as their schedule is more family friendly.

Tuesday evening I had book club. We read "Gap Creek" by Robert Morgan. I like book club, but often end up reading things that I wouldn't otherwise read. This book was one of those. The story is very dark with a great deal of death and destruction. Our next book is "Mommies Who Drink". I need to do some research on this. It sounds like another one that I'm not going to be too fond of! Everything we read helps us grow in some way, I suppose. "Gap Creek" was something of a history lesson, we'll see about the other!

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Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I read Gap Creek awhile back and remember that I had to push myself to finish it.

My house is a pulte. Is yours too? I'm glad you enjoyed a lazy day. Today would be a great day to lay around and read while the breeze blows in but we are busy getting ready for dinner guests instead. I hope you are having a nice weekend.


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