Friday, May 25, 2007


It is simply amazing to me how much cleaner my house is when I can stay home! Seriously, since Little Miss is done with school and summer activities haven't begun (not that we are doing that much) I've been able to spend two out of the last five days at home. Tuesday I rearranged the family room, did the deep cleaning (cobwebs, windows, blinds, washing window treatments etc.) and then put everything back together. It is now arranged in it's more open and airy Spring/Summer arrangement. Yesterday, I cleaned the office, doing the same deep cleaning. This room is a clutter magnet (I'm not supposed to blog about him anymore, but just between you and I my dh has a tendency to pile and it drives me nuts!!). I cleared a couple of the piles, dusted and vacuumed every surface, and them put things back together. Next week I'll do the kitchen and laundry room. It will probably take two days to get through all of that! Several of the cabinets really need to be cleaned out and rearranged. A couple of weeks ago I cleared out the kids rooms and they decided on some toys to let go. I've told them we will have a garage sale, and they can have the proceeds from the toys. I will take the proceeds from the kitchen stuff!!

Hope everyone has a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

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