Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Week

This has been a pleasant, productive week. I've continued with my cleaning, although I haven't tackled the kitchen just yet. I have done some yard work--started creating beds around the trees and mailbox. I planted another pot for the front porch with Geranium and Zinnias. Every window covering in the house has now been washed or vacuumed (wish I could say the same for the windows themselves!), and the master bath was given a thorough going over.

Tomorrow is Dear Son's last day of school. We received a letter home today that he was accepted into a program that will have him doing math one grade ahead. Only 20-25 out of 100+ kids were selected so we are very proud of him! I'm anxious to see his teacher's comments on his report card tomorrow. Yesterday we went and selected some plants to pot as a gift for her and he potted them today. He chose a pink Geranium and Dianthus. I find it interesting that he is so drawn to pinks in flowers when red is his favorite color. Tonight I am baking some mini loaves of lemon tea bread for her. I've been so pleased with his teacher this year. I simply can not say enough good things about her. She has been a real blessing as we navigated a major transition year for him. The other reason I'm anxious for his report card is because it will have his teacher assignment for next year...fingers crossed!

I've spent lots of time at home this week since I've not had the car for two days. I realize how addicted I am to having transportation at the ready. Hopefully, the new vehicle will be here by Monday and we can go back to being your average suburban American family.

I'm almost finished with the Barbara Kingsolver book, and then I will share some of the startling facts she includes about our food supply. Some truly scary stuff!

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