Monday, May 14, 2007

A good weekend

We had a really pleasant weekend. Both kids had soccer on Saturday, Little Miss at 12:30 and Dear Son at 2. After the last game we visited our new Central Park. A super nice facility. We just aren't sure if the extra expense is justified, so for the time being we will stick with the Y. Then we went to dinner at Bazbeaux Pizza. The day was so pleasant we were able to sit outside and people watch all the walkers, runners and bikers on The Monon. My plan was for us to take a little walk ourselves after dinner, but Youcef decided we would go to Cold Stone for some ice cream. After that we definitely needed a walk. The creamery is in an outdoor lifestyle center (doesn't that sound better than mall??) so we were still able to get our walk in, just not in a nice, natural setting. This was my Mother's Day dinner, and it was very nice.

Sunday Dear Son had a make-up soccer game at 1:00. We managed to fit in lunch and haircuts for both kids before hand. Afterward we toured some townhouses (we are toying with the idea of moving to something with less maintenance) then came home and read the paper. Not exactly my ideal Mother's Day. I would have liked to have some quiet time, but all in all a pretty good day.

Today we had soccer, yet again (silent prayer that the season ends Sunday!) . Youcef is coaching so he took the kids while I stayed home and mowed our 14,000 sf yard. Yes, I had a lawn care company out today and this is the measurement they gave me. This yard is just one of the reasons we are looking at lower maintenance housing options. The cost of having someone else maintain this yard is through the roof if done organically, and we simply don't want to spend our free time doing it. We liked the townhomes we saw yesterday, but aren't completely sure about the density. It would be really hard to go from a .33 acre lot with a tree-line at the back to a 300+ unit townhome community. If only I could let the yard we have now go to meadow! That would make the HOA happy, I'm sure.


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I'm sure your HOA would be delighted if you let your yard go to meadow! Ha. Good luck with your decision.

Marianna said...

Oh you know it! You had asked me a couple of weeks ago if my house is a Pulte...yes, it is. I would bet our neighborhoods are pretty similiar so you can imagine how a wildflower/grass meadow would work with the neighbors! Actually I have one neighbor who might rebel with me, but their other neighbor literally has a golf-course perfect lawn!

melissa said...

Just dropping by to say hi, sweet girl. Hope you have some quiet this week with all you've had to keep you busy. :) Sounds like your good husband took care of you over the weekend, though!

Marianna said...

Thanks Melissa. Luckily my daughter is finished with preschool, and my son won't be out of school for another two weeks so I'll have a very restful couple of weeks coming up.


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