Thursday, May 3, 2007

My weekly post

It seems that Thursday is my day to post. This makes sense as, for the time being atleast, it is the only day of the week that I have no where to be. Needless to say it is my favorite day of the week. I try not to book anything on this one day leaving myself free to just be. This Thursday was an absolutely perfect day. Gentle breeze blowing, the birds singing, all the windows open. Pure bliss.

Monday was my second book club of the month. "Stealing Buddha's Dinner" was a fun read. The author grew up in the 80's and her cultural references brought up tons of memories. The songs and clothes etc. I really identified with her too, in that she was painfully shy as a child and never quite felt as though she fit in. I can remember having some of the same feelings. It is interesting to look back on jr. high and high school now because you realize how truly inconsequential so much of what was all-consuming really is. Of course, at the time it seemed the whole world might end over some of those silly things. If we had only known.

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