Saturday, May 5, 2007

Productive Day

The kids and I had a very productive day today. They both had soccer at 12:30. Little Miss scored 6 goals. Of course, when you dominate the ball that is bound to happen! I didn't get to watch but a few minutes of my son's game. He's becoming an ace defender, though!

As soon as we got home I got out and mowed the front yard and did a little clean up in the front beds. Yes, I said I mowed the yard (if you know me, you know why this is a little shocking!) It is a little gift for my dear husband when he returns from his conference tomorrow. My neighbor was out spray painting a planter he was building. This spurred me to paint the patio set we got for $15 last summer. It was rusty and kind of a dull cream color. It is now a very pretty black; much more chic looking. Once I'm off the computer I'm going to go put new red print fabric on the seats! Of course, I didn't have enough paint to complete the whole thing so off to Lowe's we went. Have you been to Lowe's lately?? Well, let me tell you if you have a tendency to be persuaded by all the pretty flowers DON'T GO!! My kids are as persuaded as I am so we came home with enough plants to fill two trough planters and a large container for the front porch. The kids picked out four plants each for the trough planters, and planted as soon as we got home. I'll plant the front porch container tomorrow evening after they are in bed.

Tomorrow is a birthday party, Monday is Mothers & More meeting. By Tuesday I will be glad for some downtime.

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