Friday, May 11, 2007

Verse for America

A Verse for America
by Rudolf Steiner
To resolve our past requires knowledge,
To forge our future we need courage,
To experience the present we must develop dedication.
Our thinking needs riddles to wake up,
Our feeling needs pain to mature,
Our willing needs resistance to become strong.
We must know our history in order to avoid repeating the worst of it.
I think of the war currently being fought. Compare it to the war of Vietnam. Did we not learn anything? Have we not learned anything? Could some knowledge of the history of the Middle East give us insight into what could be done to improve the situation there?
We must be courageous to move forward into the unknown of the future.
I think of all the doomsdayers who predict the end of our world due to climate change etc. I don't for a minute doubt that climate change is very real, but I have to have courage to keep living my life today and planning for my children's future.
How many of us truly live in the present. It takes a certain amount of focus to be "in the moment."
No major words of wisdom here. I seriously struggle with this myself.
Think of all the things you do each day that are done without thought to why.
Then ask why? So many riddles there.
I had a representative from a pest control company stop by today. I am adamantely oppossed to chemicals around the house, and told him I wasn't interested for this reason. His response was "may I ask why?" to which I replied "because they aren't healthy". I could visibly see the lightbulb go off in his head. He truly had not thought about what he was trying to sell and why he was selling it. And I didn't even have to give my speech about how most of the spiders that everyone is working to kill can actually be beneficial!
How many lessons must be learned the hard way?
Our elders tell us over and over again not to do something, but we do it anyway. And in doing it we learn some of life's most important lessons.
We must be able to push against our ingrained habits in order to become stronger.
For me I think of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Excercise does not come naturally to me, but it will make me stronger. Both physically and mentally.

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