Sunday, June 17, 2007

Calgon Take Me Away

The end of week one as a single parent! June 23rd won't come soon enough! DH is away visiting family and that is when he will be back. Honestly, I love my children, but they can also try every nerve I have. The bickering, of course. They get along very well about 85% of the time, for which I am grateful. It is the other 15% that wears me out. Then there are the questions...I'm blessed to have a very inquisitive almost 8yo son. I love that he wants to know and deeply understand it all. The problem is my brain simply shuts off after the, oh say, fiftieth explanation/definition/philosophical discussion of the day (usually before 10:00am)!

Then there is the unbearable heat that has kept them from being able to spend the entire day outside. They get along much better outside than they do inside--or maybe I just can't hear the bickering as well! We were at the pool three times last week, and that does help get some of the energy out. Looks like this will be a three-time week, too.

Thankfully, a friend has offered to have them over to play with her children tomorrow afternoon. I will take that time to do a little grocery shopping and make a visit to the library for me!


Heather said...

My husband is also gone quite a bit for work - rarely an extended period like your husband, but lots of evenings and a week here or there. I know what you are going through flying solo. Enjoy your break!

The Feathered Nest said...

That's good of your friend to take the kids for a while. It is rough. My husband travels quite a bit too. Of course my ddd is 15 now, but when she was little it did exhaust me. I remember that feeling of fatigue well!

Enjoy your break and recharge!

Marianna said...

Thanks! I did have a good afternoon. As a bonus the kids were at the neighbors most of the morning yesterday so I also got some quite time at home!

We have small activities for the next few days and then daddy/husband will be home! Next week I'm sure will be much better.


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