Friday, June 29, 2007

The Library Cut Us Off!

Seriously, for the first time ever I have reached the maximum number of books allowed for check-out...75!! My children and I all have serious book issues. We read for over an hour tonight trying to get caught up! Not all of these are books to read (who has the time). Cookbooks are a particular weakness and since I've been trying to find creative ways of using my farmer's market produce I have a number of them checked out right now. And then, of course, there are decorating books--another weakness! And my son has a hard time returning books once he checks them out. I finally had to make him go through his large stack of dinosaur books and pick some to return! So dear husband just went off with a bag of about 20 books to return so that I will be back in good graces with the library!

We are still working on "The White Elephant" as part of our Read Aloud Mission. I've not really discussed books with them before and that is proving to be interesting.


jewlsntexas said...

I am a library and book junkie too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet a Texan! I have met so few that I clicked with so far - but think that is maybe the area we live in - in the absolute middle of nowhere - about an hour north of Beaumont.

Splaneyo said...

75 - impressive in many ways! I think I am most impressed with being able to locate all 75.


Marianna said...


The truth is I probably couldn't locate all 75 of them!! Thankfully this library has a liberal renewal policy so I can renew until I do find the ones that go astray!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

That is too funny! I'm so glad we use different libraries so that we aren't fighting over the same books! We sure have the same interests.

Marianna said...
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Marianna said...


I'm laughing...we probably would be competing for the same books! I just found out that my favorite employee from Nora Library just moved to your library...her name is Amanda and she is super sweet. I hope you will meet her some day.


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