Sunday, June 3, 2007

Low-Impact Update

The visit to the Farmer's Market definitely helped me with my first LI goal. I've eaten salad, olive oil and bread for lunch the past two days. Tomorrow will be the real test, as it is grocery day.

I've decided to price shutters for the large window. I won't actually install them, but sit them on the ledge that is there with a little gap between them and the window sort of in the style of a folding screen. Hopefully, this will cut down on the solar gain somewhat.

I've adhered to the no TV in the evening, but it has still been on and flipping (as a clue to who is watching)! My part in this is that I haven't gone upstairs and turned on that fact, that TV hasn't been on in nearly three months!

I've been turning off the power strip for the computer everytime I remember. I can't turn the TV one off as it fowls up the satellite receiver. Tomorrow I'm going to see about plugging it in seperately...

My son and I started digging a bed around one of our trees. We will finish that up and then plant the Black Eyed Susans and some native grass. It has been so dry here that digging is nearly impossible--our clay soil is rock hard. They are predicting rain for tomorrow so that should help.

Last, I stayed home today. Yesterday was the farmer's market. Friday was a mess--way too much driving and spending...

As a bonus, it cooled off enough last night that I was able to turn the A/C off for a couple of hours and tomorrow it will be cool enough to have it off all day!! Unfortunately, they are predicting highs in the 90's for later in the week!! And it isn't even summer yet.

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