Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thoughts on TV

I was reading through my back issues of Mary Jane's Farm last night and came across an article titled "TV or Not TV" The following quotes are from this article:

"Once I figured out the remote, my night off disappeared like an addict's promise to refrain."

"When was the last time I laid out 50-plus books in my bedroom, skipping through them back and forth, shut and open, open and then shut, like a maniac all night?"

'Somehow (cross your fingers) books remain ad-free, a sanctuary, a place of escape, a way from "needing it all."'

"TV is a time theif. Even if you're discerning, TV time robs you of some other thing-a walk, a dinner discussion, maybe even your innocence. That's a big deal, innocence-not to be taken or given lightly."

This article, these quotes in particular, made me stop and think about my TV viewing habits. At night I often turn it on for noise, and don't really watch. However, when it is on I find that I have a very hard time concentrating on what I actually want to be doing, which is often reading. I realized a long time ago the impact TV was having on my children so I made the vow to keep it off during the day, and other than the directed times they are watching it is off. I'm proud to say that several times over the last few days they have opted to go outside during what would normally be their TV time. My son has directed most of this, and it is interesting to note that he has not watched TV on school days for the past two years, so it is much less of a habit for him. Of course, I instituted the no TV on school days because I knew how much time it could steal, making getting ready in the morning and homework done in the afternoon more difficult. I fully expected that when he was given the opportunity to watch he would want to overdose, but it seems the opposite is true. (me saying silent prayers that it always remains that way!) Over the next two weeks I will have the opportunity to truly have it off in the evenings after they are in bed. I'm anxious to see what the effects will be. I'm hoping to get lots done!


Mrs. Pivec said...

Oh, my! I am SO glad that you left a comment on my blog, because we have quite a bit in common! :) From looking at your profile I see that you are also a fan of Alexandra Stoddard and Susan Branch and in your sidebar, I see you like Tasha Tudor. All favorites of mine!

I'm due outside to plant the flowers I just bought, but I wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for stopping by.

I agree, BTW, with many of your thoughts on the television. We also don't have TV on during the day and watch only a few shows regularly. We got into American Idol this year, because when we have dinner at Grandma's every Wed. that's what she wanted to watch with us. We also like to watch America's Funniest Home videos on Sunday nights. Other than that, the kids don't see anything regularly unless they are at either Grandmothers' homes and there they watch cartoons, but I'm not going to police them on everything everywhere as long as the shows are appropriate and approved. :)

So nice to meet you. I'll be back for sure!

Marilyn said...

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I love the thoughts on TV. I haven't turned my TV on before 7pm in over 2 years. I don't have children at home so that isn't an issue but I am the one that always was so addicted, especially to home shows, etc. Now DH has jumped on the bandwagon and we keep our TV off at least 3 nights a week and it hasn't been missed.
I will definitely be visiting your blog often. I will also have to check out Mary Jane's Farm, too. Thanks.

Marianna said...

Thanks to both of you for visiting!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

You can see that I am perusing my way through your blog after hopping over here from your comment on my Spirited Child book review!

I do sometimes book-hop :) But I have found that with two chatty and noisy kids, my idea of down-time has changed. I'd much prefer to have the TV, radio etc off, and have silence as I surf the net or open a book.


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