Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going Local

I have been making a concerted effort to buy more things locally. The Farmer's Market is by far my favorite. It feels good knowing that I'm helping to support a family buying from the market vendors. As an added bonus the fruits and vegetables taste so much better! I've also been buying beef from a vendor at the market and it is soooo good. It is a little bit more expensive so we eat a little less, but this is a good thing too. Plus I've been trying really hard to patronize only locally owned restaraunts. This is much easier than one might imagine. We ate at a burger place today, and the owner himself seated us. Again it is nice to know that what we've spent is staying in the community and supporting a small business. Since making a commitment to shop as locally as possible I've been amazed at how very many things are available at small, locally owned shops. Toys, books, cards and stationary, gifts, meat, fruits and vegetables, shoes, paint, ladders, flowers and on and on. While I do end up spending a little more on the individual items I buy, I'm actually saving money by not shopping the big boxes. How?? By virtually eliminating impulse purchases...think about it: You need a birthday card and that's all so you hit Target. On the way to the stationary section you see the $1 Spot. Oh, it's only a dollar, why not? You end up with $5 worth of stuff from the dollar spot and the card you went in for...that's if your good and can pass up all the stuff advertised on the register end caps! I'm afraid I'm just not that disciplined! However, at the paper store I don't find it hard to resist the expensive stationary sets, get my little birthday card and get out! Now, if she carried pens I might be in trouble!!


Splaneyo said...

I was "tagged" and I chose you as one of my "tagees". Don't feel obligated to play, but it is kind of fun.
I too try to buy locally, but sometimes it is challenging - especially when the same thing costs 1/2 as much at Target.


AIMEE said...

it's such a wonderful adventure to begin shopping local...I have just started too and it reminds me of the years I lived in Eastern Europe. I agree that in the long run, I end up spending LESS by shopping local b/c I don't get roped in by all the so-called "good deals" that I'm getting for things I don't really NEED any way.

Marianna said...


The tag sounds fun...I haven't been tagged yet! I'll post my random things later tonight when I don't have children asking me questions and I can actually concentrate!

Mrs. Pivec said...

I've been working on local purchases lately, myself, but find it to be a challenge where I live. We live in an area that has been country for many years and has only seen more development in the last 10. We have one area that is local shops, but they are marketed extremely high-end. And most of the development, of course, is chains and big boxes. For example, there are literally NO small hardware stores to be had around here. ONLY Home Depot and Lowes. But I continue to look - to persevere. It gives a greater sense of place to know and care about the the businesses and the people that own them. I confess to being tempted to feel a bit bitter that I have to work so hard to achieve that - that our mega culture has become what it has become - but it is what it is and the work of finding that community is worth it.

Thanks for your thoughtful post.


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