Friday, July 13, 2007


I was tagged by Heather at Splaneyo to reveal eight random things about myself...

1. I am fascinated with all things Amish.

2. I MUST have chocolate every day!

3. The older I get, the spicier I like my food...I don't know why, but I think that is weird.

4. I am fascinated by the thought of living on a remote island. Not a pretty Caribbean island, but more like the one in "On Whale Island" by Daniels Hays, which is in the very cold, harsh Northern Atlantic.

5. I would be perfectly content to spend days on end at home, but have realized that this is unhealthy so I get myself out of the house!

6. The librarians all know me by face and name, and assume I have holds waiting to be picked up...which I usually do. I've said it before; I have a serious book problem.

7. I've been to North Africa.

8. I'm debating about whether or not to go back to school once my youngest is in school full-time next year.

I am supposed to tag five others...I can honestly think of only one other person on my blogroll who hasn't been tagged recently so she's the only one I'm going to do:

Mrs. Pivec at Golightly Place


Splaneyo said...

I am with you on the staying home thing. This summer we have spent so much time at home. I only drive my car once a week and that is only because I have to go to the grocery store. We take walks, but that is about it and I love it.


The Feathered Nest said...

That was an interesting list. I also have to make myself do things outside my home. There's always so much to do around here. My daughter is the same way.


Splaneyo said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. Hope the garage sale went well.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Gosh... are you my long-lost sister, or what?

If you ever came to visit me we could:

1)Visit the Amish community in Sarasota (did you know about that one?!)

2)Go pick up interlibrary loan requests waiting for us (I picked up 3 today and joked to my younger daughter that they really ought to know us by name now, "Oh, hello Pivec family. We've missed you! You haven't been here for 3 whole days!) for perhaps some beachside reading. Then again, it might just be nice to stay - at - home.

3)Visit the nearby candy store for the necessary chocolate!

Um... I won't be visiting you on any cold island though. ;) Well, maybe a VISIT. I could probably handle that.

Thanks for the tag. I'll get to that ASAP. :)

Marianna said...

Thanks for the laugh Mrs. Pivec!! I'm not sure why that whole island thing is so intriguing...I'm really not all that fond of extreme weather! Maybe it is the solitude??

Splaneyo said...

I wanted to respond to your question about the ceilings in my dining room - they are actually an off white. I didn't use a flash, so I think that is why it looked more blue. All of the main walls on the first level are yellow and I have a lot of blue furniture and a ton of blue and white decorations.

I saw you comment on The Cottage Nest and I totally agree. Even my husband has been offended when people ask "oh, she is just a housewife?" JUST! I could go on all day about that one.


Leeann said...

Oh my, I just tooled on over here from Heather's blog (splaneyo) and was surprised at your list-- I could have written half of those myself! I love all things Amish and make it to Lancaster several times a year to indulge my little fetish. I love libraries and books and hang out on just to get book ideas to reserve. My littlest is also going to full time school in the fall. We can commiserate together!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I have debated about going back to school when Emma is in all day school too. What do you think you would like to go for?

Marianna said...

Leeann, I've never heard of Booktopia before. Looks like I'm about to become even better friends with my librarians!! I love Lancaster PA. We lived in NE Pennsylvania for several years, and I always enjoyed going down there.

Jen, I've always wanted to go to architecture school, but the only one around here is Ball State, and I'm not sure I want to put in that kind of time committment right now. So...I'm thinking about library sciences at IUPUI. I'm not really sure I'll do either, I just have a feeling that once my littlest is in all day (next year) that I'm going to go stark raving mad if I don't have something to do. We'll see.

sister sheri said...

Marianna -- Thanks for stopping by to visit me at theleakingwindow. It's so amazing how people can be so similar and find each other over the web. I'm the same way...I don't go to the library without there being something on hold! I wish I could spend a whole week at home without going out. I could survive with! I am out on the cold island thing...maybe a warm island for me.


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