Saturday, August 11, 2007

Frugal Subversive (updated 8/13)

Mrs. Pivec at Golightly Place was very kind in awarding me the Frugal Subversive Award. Somedays I don't feel very frugal, but just keep reminding myself that it is a journey. It is when I think back on the last eight years that I realize that, in fact, I've come a long way!

******I completely forgot to give credit for the founder of this award! It was Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth. Thanks Rhonda for starting such a great award.

Anyway, the rules are as follows:

This is the start of a new meme - the Frugal Subversive Award. I am giving my award to three bloggers who consistently turn their backs on consumerism to live frugally in a creative and authentic way. These bloggers have made me think in innovative ways about my own life and how I can make a difference making, reusing, and just saying "no" to mindless spending.
If you are given an award and want to take part in this meme, you can in turn select three other bloggers who have inspired you to be a frugal subversive. Passing the rules on with the award will make it easier for everyone to participate. Congratulations on the award. I hope it helps you spread awareness near and far.
1. When you are tagged, write a post with links to three blogs who have inspired you with their frugal creativity or innovation.
2. In your post, please link back to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme and save the award graphic.
3. Leave a comment or message for the bloggers you’re tagging, so they they know they're received the award.
4. Display the Frugal Subversive Award badge to identify your blog as part of the movement that is turning its back on consumerism at any cost. three nominees are:

Emme at Simple Reduce. Her family is participating in the 90% Challenge. Emme rides here bike almost exclusively now and has made major strides in reducing water and electric use.

Patty at Morning Ramble. Patty and her dear husband live on a farm in Texas (sort of partial to that since it is my home!) She has many wonderful ideas for living frugally.

Pea at Mustard Seed Journal. I just discovered Pea through a comment she left on Emme's blog. She and her family (also Texas :) are building their own home! They have made many strides towards living a low impact lifestyle.


the feathered nest said...

Congratulations on your award!. I used to think of myself as quite the frugalista! Then for the past 6 or so months I've let it all slide. But I'm back to it now and could kick myself for all the bad choices and resources I've wasted - but like you said it is a journey!


Meredith said...


I'm so glad to find your blog through Morning Ramble.

Mrs. Pivec said...

Glad you're back and enjoyed your award. I know of your first two links, but I'll have to check out Mustard Seed Journal. It's so fun to find like-minded bloggers.


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