Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home from Michigan

We had a nice, if extremely hot, week on Lake Michigan. We visited South Haven with a day trip to Sagatauk. It is a very nice area. These are some sunset pictures featuring the pier and lighthouse at South Haven. And, yes, Heather I got some blueberries!! They are awesome. I was excited to visit the farmer's market in South Haven. I didn't think of taking a picture though :(

In other news: school starts this week! After being very comfortable sending my littlest to kindergarten I'm now having some anxiety after attending meet the teacher night. The teacher was literally hired the day before meet the teacher night (less than a week before the start of school). The school is at capacity (again) so they have shifted her class to the 4th grade hall, away from the rest of the kindergarten classrooms! We go back again tomorrow for an ice-cream social and the teacher has promised that the room will be ready and will look like a fun K classroom! I think seeing that will make me feel better. It is so hard to let them go!!

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Greenie Gardens said...

I hear you about the letting them go thing - I am struggling at the moment too.

I am so glad you had a nice trip and your got some blueberries. =)



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