Friday, August 17, 2007


This has been a crazy week with school starting, including sending a kindergartner!

I've been reading and visiting websites and blogs and thinking I need to post something! There were so many things that I wanted to post that I decided to do a random items post.

I've mentioned The Polishing Stone before. I received an urgent request today seeking help to keep them going. I love this publication and really want them to succeed. It is a wonderful resource for those searching for inspiration to live a more sustainable life. They offer online, paperless subscriptions for a very good price!

I found Three Beautiful Things through Patty at Morning Ramble . I just love this idea. I know myself well enough to know that I won't post every day, but I am going to try journaling three beautiful things each day. My three beautiful things for today are:

1. Silence.

2. Seeing my kids running for home from the bus this afternoon just happy to be HOME.

3. The deer I saw crossing the road on the way home from dinner.

I was searching around for cottage home plans on the web and became reacquainted with Country Plans. They have some really livable floor plans, but my favorite thing is the owner/builder forum. I am simply in awe of the people who are taking these great, simple plans and self-building homes for their families. There are some great pictures in the Gallery.

In searching around on the Country Plans forum I found StrawbaleRedux
the weblog of a couple building their own strawbale home in an HOA neighborhood in Arizona. Again, I'm just amazed at anyone who endeavors to build their own home!

From the above mentioned blog I clicked on a link to A Journal of Built and Natural Environments. I haven't looked in depth at this one yet, but there is a wealth of information dealing with Place; how our environments either work or don't work. What I find most interesting is that they deal with this subject both artistically and technically. There are poems existing next to an article examining how baby boomers are, once again, having a profound impact on the built environment as they age and demand access to continuing care facilities.

And finally some great quotes I found in the book "The Pantry: It's History and Modern Uses" by Catherine Seiberling Pond. Oh, and I discovered that the author has a blog!! In the Pantry.

“She led me to her kitchen, flung wide the pantry door, and there on the lower shelf lay an open book with a long ribbon marker. ‘That part of the shelf is dedicated to my book,’ she explained. ‘Once I had a teacher who said, “Dorothy, if you love life, you’ll never squander your time, for time is the stuff that life is made of.”’…I’ve always remembered this teacher’s words. There are so many things I want to know, and so little time from the baking, scrubbing and other daily tasks. Yet during my day there are many spare minutes. Whenever I can, I use them in reading my book on the pantry shelf. In all these years I haven’t served many burned dishes.”

Beatrice Wilson, “The Book on the Pantry Shelf,” Farmer’s Wife

“We need rooms which hold out warm, inviting arms, rooms into which we can go and feel the atmosphere wrap us around with soothing and content. There must be rooms which cool for us the fevered strain of life, or by some flash of beauty mingled with the walls and chairs stir us to be more than what we were when we entered that room…”

Lydia Lion Roberts


Patty said...

your 3BT were indeed beautiful ! The wonders of life around us to touch our hearts

Mrs. Pivec said...

Ooo, more fun links! I can't wait to go look at them. I can always count on you to find things I'm interested in too!! :)

As I was reading the wonderful quotes you included about the home (and with which I was in complete agreement), I thought about my family and friends and wondered if they felt the same way about their homes. I mean, I THINK about my home.

I have a friend who really doesn't and while her house is not messy, it is not warm. I have also been into houses that are quite "matchy-matchy" - like a showroom - and they are not warm either.

I think, for the most part, my immediate family takes the way our home is for granted. I suppose they should, in a way. I suppose the things are not noticeable in a loud way, but more subtle: a candle here, a blanket there, a pretty tea cup on top of the bread box. I am not into too much knick-knack stuff, but well placed items, reminders of trips taken, special things are here and there and change the setting from house to home.

One of the greatest compliments I received regarding my homekeeping was one my brother-in-law gave me after my sister and he had first visited our home. After returning home, in an e-mail he thanked me and said that he felt I'd created such a peaceful environment in my home. That really made my heart sing! :)

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hi Marianna from Under the Willow~ sending a kindergarten???...My first grandchild is beginning the BIG K tomorrow. I am just weepy about it, growing up &'d think she was running off & getting married. Are things different now? Probably not, I think my daughter is pretty emotional tonite.

Best of luck for your busy weeks ahead!


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