Friday, August 31, 2007

Some Food er...Water for Thought

Have you ever thought about those bottles of water you buy and carry around everywhere?? I knew the production of the bottles was not environmentally sound, and that the trucking of the water was not environmentally sound and that far too few bottles are recycled and all that...what I had never thought about was how much this water actually cost; until today when I ran across this article in The Week that included a very startiling statistic: Assuming your tap water cost the same as even the cheapest bottled water, your average monthly water bill would be about $9,000! Just for drinking water!!!!!!! We pay about $12 a month for drinking, cooking and bathing!!

The only bottle water I was buying was for the kid's lunches. These bottles have a way of creeping in and I reuse them as they do, eventually recycling them. Now I am super motivated to go out and get an alternative to those plastic bottles for lunch bags!! Reusable Bags is a good source (while you are there check out their reusable tote bags to replace those plastic grocery bags!!) as is Kleen Kanteen.


Splaneyo said...

This is the first year Spencer will be taking his lunch and I forgot all about a drink (bad mom). All of the disposable plastic drives me nuts, so I read your post and bought a water bottle. Hopefully he won’t loose it... Thanks.

the feathered nest said...

We have a water filter and use Sigg bottles. Did you know that the plastic bottles (from bottled water) are made for a one time use and shouldn't be reused. I think I got the Sigg bottles at Reusable Bags and I think Swiss Army also carries them.


Karin said...

How timely! Just last night, I bought my son a plastic water bottle for his lunch box. It is just Rubbermaid brand with a straw in the lid. It was a little plain, so my husband drew a tractor and a bulldozer on it. Cheesy, but my three-year-old was thrilled. Thanks for the great article link!

Karin said...

Oh, shoot. I just tried to leave a comment before I was signed in and I think it got lost. Just wanted to say that I went throught this dilemma just last night at the grocery store while doing some last minute school snack shopping for my three-year-old. I refuse to give him juice (too much sugar), so I hesitated at the bottled water section before deciding to purchase a water bottle to fill from home. We had to embellish the bottle with tractor drawings to make it look more appealing to my son. However, after reading the article you linked to, I'm SO glad I made the decision I did. Sometimes I feel like a stingy mom. One day they'll thank me :)


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