Monday, August 20, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

For today three beautiful things:

1. Getting all my errands run and being back home by 11:00! Giving me time to read and putter for 4 hours before the kids got off the bus.

2. Rain, rain, rain!!! We've been so dry it was desperately needed.

3. A great little package I got in the mail today....I'm not done puttering. Once I am I'll post pictures of the littly goody that was in my package!


Splaneyo said...

Hopefully you are not getting too much rain! We are soaked here in MI, but needed it too. I like a rainy day every now and then.

Sara Mincy said...

Thanks so much for commenting at my blog! I have enjoyed visiting yours....I agree about bookstores and libraries being the best paces!


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