Friday, September 21, 2007

D, E and F...

Ramadan started a week ago yesterday. I'm generally so headachy during the day and then so tired by the end of the day that blogging has sort of been pushed aside! I decided to get back to my Encyclopedia posts for today and do a little catch up!

D is for...

Dandelions...the bane of every homeowners existence. My little secret is that I kind of like them!

Decorating magazines...I'm addicted!

E is for...

Elephants...I've always been strangely drawn to elephants. They are truly amazing, majestic creatures.

E-mail...what DID we do before e-mail was invented!?

F is for...

Fiction...I like reading fiction, but I have a tendency to want to devour a book of fiction which makes it difficult to get anything else done so I seldom read it. Some of my favorite fiction authors are Beverly Lewis, Debbie Macomber and Philip Gulley. Obviously, I mostly read "light" fiction!

Fears...Heights, Losing one of my children.

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Patty said...

I make dandilion syrup every year with the little yellow "weeds" Its yummy and such fun to make. Love your fall decorations


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