Monday, October 8, 2007

Napkin Swap, Renaissance Faire, Bathroom Tile--Edited!!

I participated in the napkin swap Rhonda Jean hosted. I received this lovely package from my swap partner! The napkins match the window valance in the breakfast room! And the Strawberry jam is delicious.

***I wrote this last night, but didn't post because I still needed to take the picture of my swap gift and get the link to my partner's blog. Well, in my rush this morning I forgot to acknowledge my swap partner!!! Thank you very much to Morgan at Controlling the Chaos for my wonderful swap package!

On Saturday, in 90+ degree heat I might add (isn't this October??), our family attended the Fisher's Renaissance Faire. My oldest child is crazy about the Middle Ages, knights, Romans etc. so we thought that he might enjoy this. It was actually more fun than I expected it to be. Both kids enjoyed it and have begged to go back next year. Considering how miserable the weather was I say that is a ringing endorsement!

The bathroom tile is complete...I had said I would post a picture. Not very exciting, but here it is, nonetheless!


Mrs. Pivec said...

The tile job looks great! I bet you're glad to have it done. :)

I love the Renaissance Fair. In fact, my husband and I had a Renaissance wedding. I haven't yet been to the one they have here in Florida - it's coming up soon too. Glad you enjoyed yourselves there!

Splaneyo said...

I too love the Renaissance Fair. When we lied in California we went every year. Truth be told, it was for the turkey legs. Barbaric and not very lady like I know, but man they are good.

tracy said...

Hi, I just found your blog after finding you in my stats. Please to "meet" you! I've never seen your blog before but like what I see (we both love books and wooden toys!) and plan to visit again soon!


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