Monday, October 15, 2007

Soup Party II

Jen had asked for more specifics...We will be making the soups and I'm making a spinach cranberry salad that has toasted pecans and a chutney dressing. We are asking our guests to bring either a salad, bread or dessert. I'm a big fan of potlucks! It intimidates me to think about making everything, and I've found that most people are more than willing to bring something. Right now we have seven guests confirmed; a family with children close in age to ours, my husband's nurse practitioner and possibly her husband (if it's raining--it's hunting season in Indiana!), and a single guy friend/colleague of my husband's. We have also invited one other family. My friend who is coming is an avid collector of dishes and has offered to bring soup bowls to supplement my supply so we will be serving on real dishes! I will serve buffet style and will have both tables set with placmemats, napkins and seasonal centerpieces. It will most likely be adults at one table and kids at the other! Since all of the kids are older (5+) I might set up a little craft project for them to do while the adults enjoy coffee and dessert after the meal. We've set the start time for 4:30 so it won't go super late.

I'm excited and looking forward to seeing what everyone brings to share!

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Carrie ~ Gigi said...

This sounds like so much fun, & sharing some wonderful things. The fall is our family's favorite time to get out the soup recipes that are hearty.

This past weekend my husband & I make some "pot luck" soup with some leftover chicken, in it's broth, some white beans, fresh tomatoes, and a can of corn. And we added a dab of cheese on top! Yum.


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