Monday, November 26, 2007

A Good Afternoon

My favorite kind of afternoon...

Homework is done, checked and put away. Lentil soup is bubbling away on the stove. A new batch of cranberry/orange relish is bubbling away (the Thanksgiving one was so good I had to make another one!) Laundry is all done and folded. Christmas instrumentals are playing softly in the background. But, best of all, my children are quietly engaged drawing, coloring and having wonderful conversations with one another. Below is an exert:

8yo boy: Sister, what are you going to be when you grow up? I'm either going to be a rancher or an astronaut.

5yo girl: I don't really want to be an astronaut. You never know what will happen to you. Like an alien could come and hurt you.

Ah, the innocence of childhood!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

We're on our way to having the same kind of afternoon. I've cleaned all day, am getting ready to go prep dinner, and the Christmas music is playing.

But the laundry's not quite folded--I'm off to do that in the basement where the girls are playing. Well, Emma's coloring and Audrey's doing the ironing. She LOVES to iron napkins...ah, the innocence of childhood indeed!

Loving the picture of your afternoon shared!


Mrs. Pivec said...

Sounds lovely. I'm due for a peaceful day at home myself. I'll get one on Thursday!

I'm with your daughter; an astronaut is not for me! But how funny that your son chose something in space or so closely connected with the earth. Very cool. :)


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