Sunday, December 16, 2007

Difficult Day

Last night about 9:30 I was reading when I heard multiple sirens go by. Given that we seldom hear any sirens, never mind eight in a row, I knew it was something bad. And it was...a mother and her three children slid off an icy road into a retention pond. They all died due to hypothermia. I found out this morning that the family lives in our neighborhood and the youngest child attended my son's school. My heart is simply broken for this family. I think it hit me particularly hard because of the closeness. While I did not know the family, I can put myself in the mother's place and that makes it doubly difficult to process how something like this can be possible. Say a little prayer for the father, please. I can only begin to imagine the unfathomable pain he must be experiencing right now.

Then there is this: I knew it was coming and it did...the stomach flu that is. It claimed it's first victim today. My poor son spent the day in much discomfort. I'm sure it will have it's next victim tomorrow.

Add to all of that the fact my husband is out of town, returning late this evening and we have 6" of snow/ice on the driveway that I feel guilty leaving for him to clean up when he gets home at midnight! Everytime I went out to start shoveling my daughter would yell that my son needed me...

Sorry to be such a downer tonight!

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Oh, so awful! Praying for that family.

And for you. Why does it always happen when dad is out of town? Toben jokes that he's always afraid to leave town for fear the kids will get sick, the pilot light will blow out and we'll be without heat, the washer will stop working, the phone/internet will go down--all things that have happened while he's been gone!

Hope there will be no more stomach flu victims.



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