Friday, December 14, 2007

I vowed several weeks ago to keep our Christmas as simple as possible. On one hand I feel as though I've been successful. There hasn't been the daily running around with the focus being on "getting it done." On the other hand, I feel completely out of control spending wise. I keep a list of what's been purchased and write down the cost of each item and do a fairly decent job of staying within my budget. It's the little things that are getting me! The baking supplies that add to the grocery bill, the finishing touches for some craft project, the wreath for the front door, lunch out on the two days that I spent shopping...It's amazing how quickly that stuff adds up! So my plan for next year is to do a better job of budgeting those little things in.

I am hoping to take the kids to view a Gingerbread Village display tomorrow. I'm just waiting to see what this winter storm is going to do!! If we aren't able to go tomorrow we will try to go one day after school next week, which might be better anyway as it will be less crowded. Sunday we will make our own house using the Wilton kit plus a few other little add-ons!

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Tracy said...

I thought that you made that house, until the end of the post. It's gorgeous!

I'm so with you, on the spending. Even filling a stocking takes more than you think it will.

Mrs. Pivec said...

Oooo! I wish we had a display like that in our town. How cool! :)

We're doing a kit on Monday too. The last time I did a gingerbread house, my friend hosted us. She had some cookie forms from the Pampered Chef that she was dying to use.

Well, I don't know if the cookies were just too thick or what, but we had a heck of a time trying to get them to stay up! Maia was only 4 I think and Eve just 1, so I know they didn't help much. I know they got to put some things on and we finally got everything together and drove precariously home. I remember I had worked up a sweat during the whole ordeal and I was exhausted!

I set the house on top of the car while I got the children in the house. Everything was fine and then when I went to pick up the house to bring it inside, the whole thing just collapsed and I cried!

So. I'm certainly hoping for more success on Monday! I hope you and your children and I and my children will have great success with our houses! I mean... how hard can it be... right? ;)


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