Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update on Difficult Day

Thankfully, and knock on wood, no one else has been sick.

I'm still working on coming to grips with the tragedy that occurred over the weekend. The PTO hosted the holiday staff luncheon yesterday. It was a rather somber gathering at times. It was particularly difficult talking to the youngest girl's teacher. She is having a very difficult time, as is to be expected. I have a very hard time driving through the intersection where it happened. I get quite emotional every time. Yesterday when I came by there were surveyors out. I'm hoping the developer is installing a barrier. I'm emotional by nature so I get upset by such tragedies, but this one hitting so close to home has been much more difficult to come to grips with. It is so easy for me to put myself in that mother's place and I think that is what makes this so much harder, and as one of the teachers said this put things in perspective.

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