Friday, December 28, 2007

What will the New Year Bring?

As most everyone else in the blogosphere seems to be doing I'm thinking ahead to next year. I've never been much of one for making resolutions, per se. I do like to think ahead and set some easily attainable goals for myself. Things that I know I can accomplish that will put me closer to long-range ideals I carry around in my head all the time. I have three major ones this year. One, avoid bringing plastic bags into the house. I know this sounds simplistic...however, I know from trying last year that this will actually be difficult to do. One must remember to not only keep cloth bags in the car, but also to take them in the store! The other big thing for me is that I will walk a minimum of five days a week. While I need to lose weight this is more about feeling better. I have done well with walking in the past, but winter always halts me. I really don't like being cold (these old Texas bones simply aren't used to cold midwestern winters!) I discovered about two weeks ago that our towns fancy new park allows all residents to use the elevated walking track at no charge, and I will be taking advantage! The last is to volunteer in a tangible way. I feel it is important to decide what issue(s) is important to you and put your efforts into it. I feel passionately about the fact that no person in our country should be going hungry. In the past we have donated both food and money to the food pantry, but this year I want to actually work: organizing, assisting clients or in whatever capacity they most need. It is time for me to be an example for my children! The ultimate culmination of this would be for our family to help serve a meal, but I'm afraid we may have to wait a few more years as most organizations require children to be at least eight years old.

I stumbled upon an idea today at Footprints on the Fridge that has me intrigued. She has set a theme for the year ahead. I will be giving some thought to this idea! Then there is Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight. I love her calendar plan. Most esepcially the fact that at the end of the year the calendar would serve as a record of our families life for 2008.

So I have some planning and list making to do. What are your plans for the upcoming year?


Splaneyo said...

I am with you on the plastic bags - it is so hard to remember.

Happy New Year!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

I hear you on the plastic bags. I'd been thinking of making some cute totes for groceries, but then I saw that King Soopers or Ralphs (depending where you live) had some totes the other day--99 cents. So I grabbed a bunch.

They're shaped like paper bags, have big handles, and hold so much more than those doofy plastic bags. Plus, the have a plastic thingy on the bottom so they'll stay standing up in the trunk and not spill your groceries all over.

Something tells me I'm way too excited about these!



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