Sunday, February 3, 2008

China Transportation Crisis

This article was in our local paper yesterday. The entire time I was reading I couldn't help but feel a little guilty about my complicity in this crisis as an American citizen who continues to buy the wares manufactured by these trapped and desperate people.


Patty said...

Its such a difficult situation, finding the balance. We can stop buying, but then at the same time, the people there will have NO income. Its a tough one. I have so many Chinese friends who just tell me that change is coming, just slowly to their country. One man told me his grandmother is so happy for the income she gets from crochet work, pennies for fantastic work, but without the pennies, she would go hungry.
People there are begining to demand more requirements, and we can demand American Companies that do business there, set some standards.

Anonymous said...

Their growth rate is amasing to the point that their vast country and corrupted government can barely catch up, but they are hard working, dilligent, well disciplined people, who even with multiple problems as the transportation nightmare, they seem to funtion smoothly.


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