Monday, June 23, 2008

Relief...The Next Leg of Our Journey

We were in Texas last week looking for our new home. Honestly, I'm not sure where the buyer's markets are out there (well, actually I is in Indiana apparently!) but it definitely isn't Plano, Texas. After three attempts we were finally able to purchase a house! I was so spent by the time we found something that I forgot to take any pictures...but not to worry, plenty will be forthcoming in about 6 weeks! It is a very blank slate which I'm excited about...I don't have anyone else's decor to work around. There is some wallpaper in bathrooms that must come down, but no window treatments or wall colors.

Now, if we could just convince one of these Indiana buyers that this house is THE ONE!

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BarbaraG said...

Yippee! Congratulations, I'm happy for you that you found your new Texas home. And sending prayers that the home you need to sell will be snapped up soon. It's such an exciting time to be going home and setting up a new house.
Smiles, Barbara in Granbury, Texas


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