Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pictures of New House

The Family Room
A little closer view of the mantle set for fall.
Formal Dining Area
Kitchen Sink Area
View out the kitchen window. There is a large park right across the street.
I finally found a little motivation yesterday to tie up some of the loose know finding homes for the last few things that just didn't seem to go anywhere. This led me to set up a little photo shoot today.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Wow, Marianna! That's a seriously gorgeous new home you've got! :) What a pretty floor in the living room. And you're across from a park? You really can't beat that. I'm so happy for you; it's really lovely.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Love, love, love your new house Marianna! I'm so envious of your white cabinets. All my fave kitchens are always white ones. Is that black granite on the counters? Do you like it? I love it but I wonder if it's hard to keep clean or does it show every little thing. Do you like have hardwood in the family room? Sweet Hubby wants to hardwood the entire downstairs and I'm resistant! Hope your old house sells soon. Our neighbors are in negotiations with a buyer but Pulte is trying to undercut them and sell the buyers a new house (the same model) with a full finished basment cheaper than they are selling theirs. Isnt' that rotten? I'm not feeling so warm and fuzzy about Pulte after hearing that! Congrats to you. Jen

SimpleFolk said...

Oh, your home is so beautiful and warm. Thank you for the tour! :-)


Barbara said...

Your new home looks beautiful Marianna. I'm happy for you that the move is over with and you and your family are getting settled in. Hope your old home gets sold and everyone will be healthy and happy in the new one.
Smiles, Barbara


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