Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some New Fall Pictures

The dining room.
Close up of the centerpiece
The master bedroom. Not really decorated for fall, but I went to the trouble of making the bed so I decided to share anyway!
The Living Room. I rearranged in here today. I did have the couch along the wall under the pics, but felt like that arrangement left the rocking chair floating. I moved the shelves from the dining room. Now I feel like the rocker is anchored. Notice the glowing eyes of my helper under the table.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Pretty fall decorating, Marianna. I love the look of your new house - very warm and inviting.

And, girl, as soon as I saw that you had your Meyers-Briggs personality test posted, I just had to look... and just KNEW you would be an ISFJ - just. like. me. :)

Kelli said...

You have done a wonderful job making your home warm and cozy! I love your silver tea set.

Kelli said...

P.s. The nature preserve is called Arbor Hills.

It's a wonderful place to explore!

Manuela said...

Your new house! It's looking great - love your silver sets on your table with the pumpkins mixed in. Thanks for stopping by - it's nice to hear from you!



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