Saturday, October 11, 2008

To Decorate for the Seasons or Not?

Patty at Morning Ramble posted on the issue of seasonal decor today and it struck a chord. She spoke of being enticed by a store display of fall themed and colored bathroom items. I've been equally enticed I must admit! But what really causes me problems are scenes like the one above. This picture was in a local free glossy I picked up at the grocery store. Beautiful isn't it? I did a little math and estimating fairly low decided they had spent close to $600 decorating this house for fall...Since I'm sure it was probably professionally done the number is probably closer to $1500. This is the idealized image of how one should decorate a home for fall. No wonder so many of us feel disatisfied with a homemade scarecrow, single fat pumpkin and one pot of mums! I enjoy decorating for the seasons. It is one way I recognize their comings and goings. But I do feel that we have to be careful not to let the decorating become what it is all about. The changing of the seasons is what happens in nature. It's about collecting acorns while out on a walk. It's about appreciating the cool morning air. It's about stopping to revel in the beauty of a bush covered in migrating butterflies. It's about taking the time to notice the birds in the sky. It's about watching how the trees and shrubs are changing and what flowers are in bloom. These are the things that my children enjoy and will take with them into adulthood, not whether we had five pumpkins on the porch in 2008 or 100...To answer my own questions: Yes, decorate, but not to the point that you don't have the time to go outside and actually experience the season you are decorating for!

Here's a picture of that butterfly bush. Beautiful isn't it?

house photo from Ebby Haliday realtors


Patty said...

Great post and I sure agree with you. Love the butterfly bush. We have several of them

Mrs. Pivec said...

Thought provoker indeed, and very well put. I began to feel this way, in particular, last year with ALL of the Christmas decorations. We are at the point now where we really, really do not need any more.

Just today I was in Michael's to get some buttons for a cape I made for my niece and there were plenty of pretty pumpkins on sale and other great buys everywhere... nearly all of it made in China, of course. My willpower was in tact, though, and I passed it all by. This is not a year in which we need to be spending on some of these things.

Actually, Goodwill and other thrift stores are usually terrific sources of decor items, but we're not even stopping in this year. Nope; we've welcomed fall with a few, small things and that's how it's got to be and we'll all enjoy the season just as much... without the plastic pumpkin. :)

novascotiagal said...

When I go to Michael's for a specific item, I am sometimes, especially at Christmas, struck by the amount of trinkets on display - piles and piles of them. And then I multiply that amount by the numbers of stores just like this one, and the weight, and volume of decor items just staggers me. And it will all end up in a landfill at some point, cause even if you take it home, it will eventually get old. TONs of stuff, to bury now what doesn't sell, or later when we get tired of it. I get a little ill, and leave the store for a breath of fresh air.

Storybook Woods said...

I had to laugh reading your post. You are so right. Sadly something that is wonderful can turn and become a stubbing block. By the way with the cost of pumpkins around here, it would be a lot more money. Clarice

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

It is gorgeous but not in my budget right now. I'm having a hard time justifying buying stuff that is just for temporary pleasure. That includes food! Just kidding. Sort of.

Have you sold your house here yet? Our neighbors finally have a contract on theirs and it should close the middle of next month.

Marianna said...


Nope we still have the house...we continue to have some interest so that is good. We just need to get that one person in there who is ready to buy!



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