Monday, November 10, 2008

Creative Teacher's Gift for Christmas

Last year a mom in my son's class did a really cute gift card wreath for the teacher as a Christmas gift. I loved the idea as it allowed each family to contribute as little or as much as they wanted and it gave the teacher something she would actually be able to use. I found this gift tree idea at the Jo-Ann's website and thought it would be a really cute play on the wreath idea. So, I plan to send an e-mail to all of the parents in each of my children's classes asking them to please consider contributing a gift card for the teacher. I will then decorate a little tree with them.


KROneil said...

This is such a creative idea...I love it! You can actually order personalized gift cards from Discover via which is a nice special touch. FrumUs is a great new website created by a mom to make it easy to organize group gifts for teachers, family members, showers, etc. It's free and saves a TON of time!

Gigi said...

What a great idea! I've been either a teacher or administrator for 4/5 year olds for most of my life, and I can promise you EVERY teacher would love this. Adorable. Lucky teachers!

Marianna said...


I'm so glad to get a teacher's perspective! I know my son's second grade teacher loved it...



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