Friday, December 19, 2008

Have You Seen This??

I found this at Nicole's and must say it was a message I desperately needed to hear!

The message in this skit from SNL is so true in it's simplicity. Why do we have such a hard time hearing it?

Just over ten years ago my husband and I went from a dual income to a one income family...not only that, but that one income was only about 1/3 of what our dual income had been. Needless to say, some major belt tightening was in order. I struggled with it big time. For five years we lived quite frugally. I didn't buy magazines, very few meals out, Christmas and birthdays were fairly low-key affairs. I didn't carry a credit card--it was for emergencies or travel only. Then dh finished his residency and fellowship years. Suddenly that belt didn't need to be so tight...and I got used to buying, within reason, just about anything I wanted. I've never been overly extravagent. I still own and wear clothes that I bought nine years ago...I've carried the same handbag for five and half years etc. But it's the little things that add up. The Mrs. Meyers, the magazines (oh, the magazines!), the dollar spot junk, the trips to the upscale grocery store etc...

Given that we STILL have two houses we are needing to tighten our belts yet again, and I'm resisting it. I want what I want! However, there are a couple of things I've read lately that have made me stop and think...I was reading comments on another blog the other day (sorry I don't remember which one!) and one of the commentors remarked as to how she had realized that so much stuff out there is really just unneeded junk. She had never noticed when money wasn't an issue, but now that her familys finances were in dire straits she realized how very much of it is so completely unnecessary. I know exactly how she feels. I'm in a better spot than I was ten years ago. I realize now that stuff is not what happiness is made of. Not to mention my heightened awareness of our environment and the much greater need of others. But, ultimately, there is still a selfish part of me that wants 'it' NOW!

I don't really know what the point of my post is...I just know this is reality for me, and if you are facing financial difficulties and resisting the need to cutback I hope it will help to know that you aren't alone.


Patty said...

great post and one that many will appreciate I am sure

Mrs. Pivec said...

Thank you for the link, Marianna.

I appreciate your thoughts too. Sometimes I do very well with our frugal lifestyle and then there are days when I just want to... not go overboard... but just not THINK about it as much.

Still, I know that even with our frugal practices, we are richer than so much of the world. It helps to remind ourselves of that, but even more, I think it helps to actually reach out and help someone. When we do that we get our minds off ourselves and once again the reality of the abundance of what God has given us becomes apparent once more.

I will add you to my prayer list (which I should have done a long time ago) regarding your house. Know that I will be praying for you every Wednesday from now on, my friend.

God's blessings to you and your family and have a very Merry Christmas!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Oh yes, I so totally agree with that comment you read! I've come to the realization that I've just replaced going to TJ Maxx with going to the thrift store and do I really need all those little decorative things even if they're a great price? It's always such a struggle for me. I really wish I could just stay out of all stores except the grocery store. But it's hard. I've gotten around the magazine thing by going to Barnes and Nobles and just reading them there. I only buy one if it has something I want to try or if it inspires me in some way. I've really cut back on mags.



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