Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remember, It's Not Always the Whole Story

I don't aim to be a political blog, although I'm not afraid to post my opinions on matters. One issue that has long troubled me is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The latest episode is frightening, not only because it could so easily escalate already inflamed tensions in the region. Most disturbing, however, is the incredibly one-sided news coverage we receive here in North America.

Given the coverage we receive it would seem that Israel is always an innocent victim while Hamas is always the vicious agressor. The fact is nothing could be farther from the truth! Now, I in no way whatsoever condone violence I think it is important to understand why Hamas feels the need to resort to such violence. I have some rudimentary knowledge of the situation through a friend whose husband is Palestinian whose family was displaced early in the conflict. But for today I'm going to let others speak. I urge you to take a minute and read the following posts at Brian McClaren's. Mr. McClaren in a leader in the emergent church movement. I'll admit I don't really know what that means, but I do know that I like what he has to say on a variety of issues. Anyway, here are the links:

More on Gaza from people who know ...

Israel, Gaza, truth?

Israel, Gaza, truth? Cont'd

Thank you for taking the time to broaden your knowledge of this very important issue.

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planetnomad said...

Yeah, there are DEFINITELY two sides to that issue, and in the US most people don't realize that. Thanks for posting this and doing your part to get the word out.


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