Monday, March 23, 2009

Alternative Energy

Ever wonder how this gets to the wind farm??

On this.

This is a picture of my dad's truck and trailer. His normal cargo is the middle section of the tower portion of a turbine like the one in the top picture. It's difficult to fathom how amazingly large these turbines are. The towers, complete, range from 200-300 feet tall. They taper as they go up with the bottom section being (I'm guessing) about 20-25 feet in diameter. The middle is about 18-15 feet in diameter. I'm not sure about the top section as I've never seen one solo. The blades are usually trucked two to a trailer, and range from 65-80 feet in length. As you can imagine transporting the parts for wind turbines is a highly specialized, labor-intensive process. The bottom line is it takes four and half trucks to get a complete tower to the wind farm.

I think we sometimes forget how very much of what makes our country run is shipped, in some form, by truck. So the next time you pass an 18-wheeler consider playing a little game with your kids about what might be on that truck and how it may eventually find it's way into your home. It might be the paper board that will be made into the box for your morning cereal. Or it could be the cotton that will be processed to make new sheets for your bed. Or maybe the cereal or sheets themselves. Or it might even be part of our country's future energy source.

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