Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm not exactly fond of snakes. Yes, I know most of them are perfectly harmless and can be quite beneficial in many cases. It's just that they......slither. Tonight I was standing on the driveway talking to my husband when I glanced over at the fence to see a head and tail sticking out from under the boards. Now, I grew up in Texas, but I do not remember encountering snakes in our yard. This is our second encounter since we moved here seven months ago. The first time was only a shed skin, which had my cat completely freaked out, I suppose due to the smell. Long story short my husband killed the snake that was in the fence. He didn't know if it was harmless or not. My children were quite upset at this turn of events. Apparently my son is something of a snake expert and kept assurring his daddy that it was harmless because the head wasn't a perfect triangle. We should have listened to him! Turns out our snake was one of these: In the future we will not kill these snakes. I knew I'd have to get used to bugs again when we moved back to Texas, but snakes are a whole new ballgame!

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Mrs. Pivec said...

Snakes give me a startle now and then, but I really, really like them! I think they move so beautifully. There are 4 poisonous ones in our state, but we have been fortunate enough to stter clear. Eve swears she saw a water mocassin, though, near the opposite side of the pond and she definitely knows the difference between one of those and the non-poinsonous black racers.

I've had to let one off of our lanai and when we were first here, my dh and I had to get one (a juvenille king snake - one that looks like a coral and you have to say that little poem, "Red touches black is a friend to Jack. Red touches yellow can kill a fellow.") that was in my mother-in-law's bedroom! She was FREAKED out! But we rounded it into a pillowcase and let it out in the woods. I felt just like I was on Animal Planet or something! :)


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