Sunday, June 21, 2009


South wind, all that you are-
Season of summer, house of red-blazing heat, noontime
of the day, sun at its most brilliant.
Dwelling place of the coyote and the rabbit.
Guardian of the young.
Place of growth, ripening, warmth, and sharing.
The growing time of our garden, the joy of flowers, and
the warm fire of love and friendship.
Time of weeding, tending, and feeding the dreams and
possibilities birthed in spring.
Guide us through this time of nurturing dreams and
Into our fullest, ripest selves.
Help us to use these radiant and fiery energies of the
season in a good way.
Putting our effort into things that enrich our life rather than
demolish it.
May the seeds we have sprouted grow strong and tall,
and may we learn to distinguish
The healthy plants from those that are weak or sickly
and not meant to blossom.
Take us along river banks and forest edges, where we
may learn from
The fledgling osprey. the ripening berries, and the
bounding elk calves.
Show us what your relatives know about maturity,
abundance, and flight.
South wind blow through us. Bring us your blessings and
your wisdom.

Susan Chernak McElroy from the book Why Buffalo Dance: Animal and Wilderness Meditations Through the Seasons

Image from Allposters. The artist is Timothy Sorsdahl

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