Thursday, July 23, 2009

Too Much Time Alone

It's been more than a decade (probably close to 15 years) since I've had more than 48hours by myself, in my own home with no need to leave. Just me and my brain. My husband and kids were gone from Thursday through Sunday last week and my children are at my parent's house this week so I have oodles of time during the day while my husband is at work. I can honestly say I'm ready to not be alone! My point in saying this is that I'm completely shocked! I really expected to be relishing all of this alone time. Instead I'm finding myself lost and at odds. I suppose too much time in one's head can be a bad thing. I completely enjoyed the first three days, but after that I was ready for my family to come home.

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homehum said...

With five kids, I can totally relate to this post. I very, very rarely get a whole day to myself, and after a few hours alone I find myself thinking, "What now?" and "I wonder when they are going to come home?" So many women my age are looking forward to an emypty nest, but I can't even imagine life without a full house. I actually hope that I have grandchildren before my baby is ready to move out--which is reather likely since there are 13 years between my oldest and youngest.

(Hope you don't mind my adding you to my blogroll.)


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