Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Picky!

Clothes shopping with my children should earn me a special reward. My daughter is about as far from a girly, girl as she can get. Her preferred wardrobe consists of soccer jerseys and shorts. For the first day of school I insist on her wearing something that does not look as if she belongs on a field instead of at a desk. There is a long list of things she will NOT wear (pink, ruffles, skirts, flowers, purple etc.) so needless to say it is difficult to find something that she and I can agree on. Old Navy came to our rescue this time with scratch and sniff tees. I'm sure her teacher will not appreciate this, as I'm sure the first thing she will share with her little friends is the trick of her shirt, and they will spend the entire rest of the day smelling my darling daughter's stomach. But, hey, at least she'll not look like a soccer player for a day!

My son is a whole other issue. He isn't picky in traditional terms. Our problem today was that he had something very specific in mind that he wanted...a shirt with an airplane on it. Apparently airplanes aren't popular this year because we didn't find a single one at any of the three stores we went to. Thankfully, he found a Lego shirt at Penney's. Lego's are another favorite so this sufficed.

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