Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Senses Friday


Homemade Baklava and strong tea for Eid
Fresh Banana Bread made for my husband to take on a Boy Scout campout
Paradise Cafe pasta primavera salad for lunch! This week was the first in four that I was able to eat lunch since I was fasting for Ramadan.


Apple Cinnamon Candle
Cool morning air


Beautiful, bright sunshine after about ten days of cloudy, rainy weather
A blazing red sunset Monday night on the way home from soccer practice
The monstrous pile of discarded, out-of-date food at the food pantry yesterday


Still loving the new Cross Canadian Ragweed cd I got a couple of weeks ago
Soft instrumental music in the afternoons
The sounds of silence as I spend the last few hours reading before getting the kids from school every afternoon
The sound of the waterfall on the pool coming through open windows


The glorious north wind blowing in cooler temperatures for at least a few days
Happy to live in such a vibrant community
Sad at all of that food going to waste
Relief that the super hot temperatures seem to be behind us. It will still get warm...but 90's are better than 100's any day!
Thankful for being able to spend time with extended family
Proud of my children for fasting three days this Ramadan

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