Friday, October 2, 2009

Five Senses Friday

Hear: Little fingers strumming the guitar as she teaches herself to play
Lots of yelling and screaming from a soccer coach (I don't agree with this style of coaching and will be very glad when the season is over.)
The timid mewing of the baby kittens at the shelter. Combined with the much more plaintive meow of a momma cat.
The cacophony of a bunch of 2nd graders playing their homemade instruments while parading around the school.

Smell: The tangy citrus of tiny mandarin oranges picked up at Central Market
The almondy scent of the floor cleaner that I dropped and least the floors are super clean now.

Taste: Homemade gaucamole with extra cilantro just the way I like it
Yummy gelato

Feel: Happy to help a new friend celebrate her 50th birthday
Proud of my son for sticking with the soccer thing even though he doesn't like the team situation
Proud of myself for finally taking the yoga class I've wanted to take for several years now.
Stretched muscles from that yoga class!

See: The sun behind the storm clouds on Thursday evening (wish I had had my camera!)
The way the sun falls at different times of the day. I love how the cats follow it from room to room.

I kept the following as a way of jogging my memory for FSF, but I can't bring myself to delete it so I'm including it today.

Saturday: Daughter's winning soccer game
Elizabeth's party
sleeping with the windows open

Sunday: burgers on the grill followed by a trip for ice cream

Monday: the cute kitties at the shelter

Tuesday: play of the sun as it moves through the sky

Wednesday: Stock up on fruit from Central Market...the mandarins
no afternoon activities!
plucking guitar strings

Thursday: Rain and thunderstorms
pack meeting
fajitas with guac.
first ever yoga class

Friday: music parade
lunch with son
First really cool morning
clean house...especially floors after dropping the bottle of cleaner.

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